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LOS in the Studio

Come Closer Dear….

The time is nigh…

Water boils

Starving Artist
Shout out to JDawg, I appreciate your words. Mr Lee, please forgive me 4 using the instrumental
#SXSW LOS – Lyric Video by LOS
LOS – “Be on the Top”
LOS – REAL ACTUAL Freestyle “Playa Hatin on Em” over #DavidBanner #Legend
LOS -“To Crows”
LOS – “Champ’s Here”
Fun song I made for the fighters back n the Kosc
heck Pat Barry Forrest Days *Andrei still goin!
Secret bonus for those who really want more…
Perhaps you will be one who wants to watch creations form from nothing…
this is where that happens when time ($$$) permits me
Thank you for your support!